Angius Organics was originally established in south of England by Kailani and Mariano Angius in 1997.

Angius Organics set as one of its goals to develop new organic food ingredients, enabling manufacturers to produce their own organic retail fine foods; chiefly addressing the British confectionery market.

By 1998 Angius Organics was the first producer of Organic Certified Candied Ginger, followed by Organic Crystallized Ginger.
During its activity the company distinguished itself for bespoke qualities, made to tailor-made specifications. Angius Organics was to be the first developer of several organic ingredients, such as:

    •    Organic Candied Orange Paste
    •    Organic Candied Lemon Paste
    •    Organic Glace’ Sour Cherries
    •    Organic Crystallized Orange and Lemon Peels


In 1999 the Food and Drink magazine (a British trade magazine) mentioned Angius Organics as one of the organic market leaders.

During those pioneering years for organic food, the success was acknowledged by several mentions in international trade magazines, book, and even TV articles. In 1999 the Food and Drink magazine (a British trade magazine) mentioned Angius Organics as one of the organic market leaders. Later RAI Sat (International Italian TV channel) made a few broadcasts about our activity to develop organic agriculture in Italy. In the following year Angius Organics received recognition by the internationally renowned authors Linda Collister and Anthony Blake in their book “Country Bread”, highlighting a tour of country baking of Sardinia, Italy. These encouragements strengthened the vision of the future expansion in regards to organic.

Soon after, the company presented its products in the American market. Angius Organics quickly became one of leading suppliers of crystallized ginger also in the USA.

Before 2002, Angius Organics would source the raw materials and contract manufacture the ginger. However, in the case of our ginger in 2002, a full scale project was organized to entirely process the organic ginger near its agricultural site in China. With a brand new factory built and with the necessary government agreements in place, the new project started to make what was in its millenary tradition to do: process ginger with love.

Through the local government agreements and its partnerships, Angius Organics controls the cultivation and processing of some 1,000,000 Lb of organic ginger per year.

Today the ginger factory has achieved BRC, the most prestigious Quality Management Certification, as well as Kosher, Fair Trade and Organic per NOP USDA, EEC 834/2007 and JAS standards.



Orange, Lemon, Sour Cherries and other fruits are sourced in the Mediterranean region and contract manufactured in one of the most modern factories in Italy. The fruit factory is also organic certified as well as BRC and Kosher. These products can be used in cakes, ice cream and gelato, yogurts, chocolate and fruit bar preparations.

Angius Organics is established in the USA since 2004, specializing in bulk organic food ingredients produced for packers, bakers, chocolatiers, confectioners, ice cream and drink manufacturers as well as organic ingredients for retailing – Private Label.