Who We Serve   


Bakeries & Confectioneries

Our very first product that we made was non existing in the organic quality. We were asked to make an Organic Candied Orange and Organic Candied Lemon which was specifically produced for a biscuit-cookie. Quite some research to understand the original traditional, old school processing of these peels as they could not be processed with harsh chemicals or flavorings.  It had to be organic and taste perfect.  

These peel were sourced at the root of the orange processing and growing plants in the south of Italy.  The essential oils were maintained to ensure the quality were not compromised and the full flavor of the orange maintained. Our quality became quite famous that we started developing many specific organic candied and crystallized products for the very specific manufacturing companies needs.  

Since this time we have found the care and attention to the original source of the products makes the entire difference.  We aim for quality and we have mastered the techniques to produce our product range industrially while maintaining the original tastes of your home made flavors.



We pride ourselves in having good sound working relationships with our distributors and importers as we believe in good ethical business, and what way to best guarantee this then working with friends who are going for the same business goals as your own?  

We have several Importers through out the world that also distribute in their country and those around them. They can help import and supply our products to your specific needs.  We supply bulk and private label in many countries.  Some of the countries we have importers are; USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, England, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Switzerland and the rest of Europe supplied by these countries.  

If you are in need of a distributor we can direct you to one of our distributors, who will work very hard with us to ensure your needs are met.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any products you are interested in. We are always looking for new Importers and/or Distributors.


RETAIL BRANDS & Private labels

Angius Organics has been supplying private labels and retail brands for many years.  We specialize in quality control at our various manufacturing sites but our ginger and juice plants are where we produce the majority of retail products.  While we supply many labels that be found in major stores around the world, we won’t mention those here to respect the privacy of our clients.  What we can say though is that the most respected brands in the organic sector do carry our ginger or lemon and lime juice.  

We work with you to supply at the right prices so you can expand your own brands.  We also pride ourselves in helping with quality assurances and new ideas to ensure you are able to have an edge in your market.  We find our products in many important chains and supermarkets under our customers own brands.



We have several of our products in the most well known Heath Food stores as private label brands or in bulk bins.  The most famous is Whole Foods Market in the USA.  We have many countries supplying their Health Food chains and some super market chains.  We find our products in many and its nice to see our quality pass the muster.  Some companies pack in their country and some have us pack for them.  Either way we can help your needs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with your special requirements.