In addition to be certified organic to European and American (NOP/USDA) standards and Kosher, the manufacturing sites that produce for Angius Organics have a Quality Management System certified based on ISO, IFS and/or BRC Standards.

Angius Organics controls its supplies from the farm to the industrial productions sites to ensure consistent quality of its foods supplies.
Audits are carried out even at farm level to ensure high quality standards.
The reasons why Angius Organics’ foods taste so palatable and are appreciated, are because of a developing procedure which also includes the following aspects:

    •    Study of the origin and properties of the food being developed
    •    Recovery of the “lost technology” which allows to make food as good as originally
    •    Study and development of modern technologies to produce respecting original procedures.





California Proposition 65

A California law made to contrast environmental industrial pollution for the benefit of consumers and their representatives.

Limits suggested by this state law became a problem especially for conventional (non-organic) food products which are grown in direct contact with the soil, such as potatoes, carrots, ginger, etc.

Having such a direct control of our ginger farming, Angius Organics, Inc. was able to develop both farming and processing technologies to control natural lead levels on ginger products and their raw materials in compliance with California Proposition 65 both for organic and natural crystallized and candied ginger.