Our Philosophy

  • We believe for food to be nourishing, it must be somewhat alive
  • At the opposite of this idea are Petrochemicals. They are derived from crude oil. This fossil comes from dead micro-organisms. Every dead corpse naturally produces poisonous toxins.
  • Using petrochemicals and their derivatives, whether they are fertilizers, pesticides, food additives, food processing aides, food colorings, etc. should not be part of food business.
  • Food must be alive or at least a good substrate for life in order to be nourishing, per its definition.
  • Part of the life injected into a product is the respect for its original recipe, the love and care on the preparation; and believe it or not, the presentation.
  • In keeping with the respect of the original recipe, our first idea – Angius Organics does historical research to find out how food was originally and how it was made: it’s original recipe.

Other studies are being made to overcome technological gaps to make these products organic – gaps which where filled in the obsolete petrochemical era by somewhat dead substances. Angius Organics developed or rediscovered a few technological processes, and designed food machines to overcome problems of making the food industrially myessayshelp.org.

We wanted to keep the liveliness of the food intact and it’s nourishing value, without using chemical or harsh means.
The success of this philosophy was awarded by market appreciation and a constant widening business growth. Today Angius Organics makes food ingredients for the biggest organic brands in both the European and the American markets.